Why Teaching Teachers Matters: The Importance of Professional Development for Teachers in Ohio

As Ohio educators with a graduate degree in education leadership can attest, one of the most exciting parts about the field of education is that the need to learn never stops. Teachers need to keep pace with changes in the subject matter they teach, changes in the field of education, and the changing world awaiting their students. 

While the best teachers are always learning, it isn’t just the mark of a good educator, it’s also a requirement. Teachers in Ohio must complete continuing education hours to renew their teaching license.

But many professional educators don’t stop there. They take the step of pursuing a master’s degree—at a college or university specializing in “teaching teachers”—a decision that can have several advantages when it comes to their careers. 

Benefits of Teachers Pursuing Master’s Degrees

Here are some of the benefits teachers can realize by pursuing a master’s degree.

They become more employable

A teacher with a master’s degree is typically seen as more favorable by school districts as they not only have an advanced degree but also have received more hands-on training in a classroom setting than a recent graduate with a bachelor’s degree.

They can earn additional income

Many school districts in Ohio and across the country pay teachers more if they have a master’s degree. In fact, the potential bump in salary is one of the top motivators for teachers to return to school to pursue an advanced degree. 

They gain additional experience in the classroom. 

Beyond helping them earn more money, the additional experience in the classroom gained by those pursuing an advanced degree can prove invaluable. That experience can help educators better master the teaching of the subject matter and build their communication skills to interact more effectively with students and peers.

They open up career options

A master’s degree is required for teachers in Ohio to qualify for a Senior Professional License, but it can also prepare them for additional graduate work and research and put them on track to pursue a doctoral degree. An M. Ed. degree in educational leadership, for example, can also position educators to move into a variety of leadership positions within the field.

Never Stop Learning: Pursue a Career in Education

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