Why Is Now a Good Time to Get an MBA?

The MBA Remains A Solid Investment

The decision about whether to pursue an MBA degree in Ohio is a major one—especially for those

considering pursuing the degree while also continuing to work full-time. It’s not just a major professional decision but a personal life decision as well. The MBA commands a commitment in time as well as a financial investment in your future.

The many advantages to earning an MBA degree continue to prove that the time and financial investments are worthwhile. As for the timing, in this era of unprecedented change and disruption, there’s maybe never been a better time to earn this essential and versatile business degree.

The Benefits of Earning an MBA

Whether you are an experienced professional looking to build on your skillset to propel your career to the next level, a current student or recent grad looking to expand upon your undergraduate degree, there are several benefits to earning an MBA. Here are some of the most important:

Increase, your knowledge, understanding and applied business skills through experiential learning that will develop and expand your abilities in critical thinking, problem-solving, data analytics, strategic planning, and leadership to position yourself for higher-level roles either within your current organization or elsewhere. 

Increase your earning potential. According to one salary report, the average starting salary for U.S.

MBAs is more than $102,000. Even if your starting salary lands below this figure, you’re still likely to see

a return on your investment in an MBA degree within just a few years.

Expand your professional network. While in the MBA program, you’ll have opportunities to interact

with fellow students, faculty, and industry leaders that you might not have otherwise met. These

connections can make for a more robust network on which you can draw throughout your career.

Prepare to lead, make a career change or start your own business. Most MBA programs offer opportunities for specialization and to learn about business functions that you may not have had access to in your current or past roles. With exposure to all aspects of business organizations, you can:

·   Prepare for essential cross-functional collaborations and work in matrixed organizations;

·   Gain familiarity with an area of business to which you might want to transition;

·   Understand the aspects of starting or purchasing a business;

·   Develop leadership skills that transcend functional areas.

When the benefits are considered, it’s easy to conclude that pursuing an MBA degree is an investment in your future.

Start Your Journey Today

Advance your career and opportunities with an AACSB-accredited MBA from John Carroll University’s Boler College of Business. Choose the MBA option that is best for you: 

·   The Boler Online MBA program can be completed in 1-3 years and requires a total of 33-45 credit hours. It offers easy remote access to classes presented by Boler faculty.

·   The Emerging Leader MBA does not require professional work experience and can be completed in an (accelerated) 12-month schedule, or students may take up to 3 years to complete the degree part-time. 

·   The Professional MBA is a part-time, cohort-based program for those with two or more years of full-time, career experience. It features live projects, team-taught courses, a leadership sequence and exposure to leading industry executives. 

JCU is a private Jesuit university located in University Heights, Ohio, near Cleveland.